Variable dc power supply

While tinkering with the BoxeeBox remote, read more here, I understood why you need a variable bench power supply. Other things I've been toying with have always been 5 volts, aka powered by my laptops USB ports. This circuit was powered by 3.3 volts so i needed a supply.

I went with, pretty much, the LM317 standard circuit from there spec sheet, link.

LM317 Spec sheet
Mmm, spec sheet.

Drawn circuit
What three years of cg study looks like.
And it worked great on a breadboard, come time to solder it up I got frustrated when I tried to work out a layout so I just built it from input to output instead. So far The jump from breadboard to separate protoboard is a big one.

Doesnt look like much
Doesn't look like much.

I'm quite pleased with the case and the front panel, I almost got all elements symmetrical and aligned

Complete variable bench supply
Complete variable bench supply

Parts where ordered from www.dx.com and most excellent www.electrokit.com

A few thoughts, the next one I build will probably have AC input, have a Amp meter and definitely have better binding posts, I still have to glue these down to the front.

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